ATI Remote Wonder

The ATI remote wonder basically works like a combined keyboard and mouse Continue reading »

Force reboot a Linux computer

Sometimes when rebooting the computer instead hangs waiting for some process to finish. Continue reading »

Reset a Mac Password

If you forget your mac password there is a quite easy way to reset it again. Continue reading »

Resetting your Mac’s PRAM and NVRAM

Sometimes it is unfortunately necessary to reset your Mac. Continue reading »

Emacs: I-search []:

Carbon EmacsCtrl-S should normally start a search forward when using Emacs. But in Carbon Emacs (for Mac) this breaks Continue reading »

Danish radio channels for Squeezebox

Easy access to Danish Radio channels + podcasts Continue reading »

Re-installing my Linux server

Just a few notes for myself on how to re-install my server running Ubuntu. Including setup of mythtv etc. Continue reading »

Make external drives mount at Mac boot

Sometimes it is nice to make external drives mount at boot (and not only when a user logs in) on your mac. Continue reading »

Change default background for Mac Logon Screen

Continue reading »

Create a Booklet

To save paper it is nice to be able to print longer documents as a small booklet: Create Booklet does exactly that. Continue reading »