Change default background for Mac Logon Screen

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Create a Booklet

To save paper it is nice to be able to print longer documents as a small booklet: Create Booklet does exactly that. Continue reading »

Create a multi-page poster

PosteRazor is a small application that can be used to print images and other stuff on multiple pages. Continue reading »

Are you sure you want to open it?

To stop the annoying XXX is an application downloaded from the internet. Are you sure you want to open it dialog box whenever a downloaded application is run, you can run the following command:
sudo xattr -d -r /Applications/
of course replacing with your particular application.

Nice Mac apps

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Apt-Cacher NG is a caching HTTP download proxy for software packages, primarily for Debian/Ubuntu clients. It’s partially based on concepts of Apt-Cacher but is rewritten with a main focus on performance and low resource usage.

Main homepage of Apt-Cacher-NG.

Verify an Email Address

Sometimes it is nice to verify whether an email address actually exists: Continue reading »

Ubuntu: Transfer

Sometimes when installing a new Ubuntu system it is nice to know, which packages you actively installed on an old Ubuntu system. Continue reading »

Batch Convert Images with ImageMagick

This can easily be done using the following command line, that creates a PNG file for each of the JPG files.

[code]mogrify -format png *.jpg[/code]