Which programs are using a specific tcp/udp port? lsof -i :portNumber lsof -i tcp:portNumber lsof -i udp:portNumber lsof -i :80 lsof -i :80 | grep LISTEN

Turn off CPU Throttling

Some CPU’s use CPU throttling to reduce the speed of the CPU when it is not in heavy use

Grip: Rip your CD collection

For a very long time, I’ve used Grip to rip my music collection to my computer. To setup flac meta-tags correctly, use the settings below:

ATI Remote Wonder

The ATI remote wonder basically works like a combined keyboard and mouse

Force reboot a Linux computer

Sometimes when rebooting the computer instead hangs waiting for some process to finish.

Re-installing my Linux server

Just a few notes for myself on how to re-install my server running Ubuntu. Including setup of mythtv etc.


Apt-Cacher NG is a caching HTTP download proxy for software packages, primarily for Debian/Ubuntu clients. It’s partially based on concepts of Apt-Cacher but is rewritten with a main focus on performance and low resource usage. Main homepage of Apt-Cacher-NG.