Moving to a new mac

Things to remember next time:

Applications/Macports: Save a list of applications and requested Macports

ls /Applications > applications.txt
sudo port -qv installed | cut -d ' '  -f 3 | sort -u > myports.txt
sudo port echo requested | cut -d ' ' -f 1 | sort -u > requested.txt

Mac Mail: Make a note a of any mail rules and signatures, you want to keep.

On new mac:

Remove shadow from screen shots: (see here)

defaults write disable-shadow -bool TRUE

Add hot corners (see here).

defaults write wvous-tl-corner   -int 5
defaults write wvous-tl-modifier -int 0
defaults write wvous-tr-corner   -int 5
defaults write wvous-tr-modifier -int 0

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