git: Specify which ssh key to use

You can ask git to use a specific ssh key: git config core.sshCommand “ssh -i /path/to/key”

Mac: How to configure Mac screen sharing to only listen on localhost

This can be done as shown below sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/ VNCOnlyLocalConnections -bool yes

MacPorts: Install port with special configure options

Sometimes it is nice to be able to reinstall a MacPorts port with your own special configure options. Step 0: Update Macports sudo port selfupdate sudo port upgrade outdated Step 1: Locate the Portfile in question and edit it cd /opt/local/var/macports/sources/ sudo emacs -nw Portfile # add a few lines e.g., in the configure section […]

Apache2: Require password for remote users (and not local)

Sometimes it is nice to require password for a site, but only if they are not from a particular ip-number,

Danish radio channels for Squeezebox

Easy access to Danish Radio channels + podcasts

Verify an Email Address

Sometimes it is nice to verify whether an email address actually exists:

Ubuntu: Transfer

Sometimes when installing a new Ubuntu system it is nice to know, which packages you actively installed on an old Ubuntu system.

Batch Convert Images with ImageMagick

This can easily be done using the following command line, that creates a PNG file for each of the JPG files. [code]mogrify -format png *.jpg[/code]